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Recent band-related developments

New single out now!

Our new single 'Oh You Who Know' is out today! As it takes us forever to write a full album, we thought we'd try 'single mode' for a change. OYWK is the first single from the next studio album and you can listen to it on all streaming platforms now. The song picks up the glassblower's storyline after the end of 'Memoirs in Monochrome'. If you recall, worlds imploded etc etc... Turns out, there is always tomorrow, so please enjoy this new piece and share it widely if you do.

'The Gronau Variations' out now!

We have just added the Limited Edition 'The Gronau Variations' CD/DVD pack to our webstore over at Bandcamp (link in header). The live album was released on October 21st and physical copies are strictly limited to 100 hand-numbered jewel cases. You can either order directly through Bandcamp, leave us a message, or pick up your copy at the live screening of TGV at the Cinema & Kurbelkiste Münster on Oct 22nd. Please share this far and wide and enjoy the music!

'The Gronau Variations' on the big screen

We are extremely excited to announce that Cinema & Kurbelkiste Münster will host a screening of our concert film "The Gronau Variations" on October 22nd. This is a truly unique event for us and we are very much looking forward to seeing many of you there! Tickets are available through the link in the header - join us and the brilliant movie makers Butchers&Duchess for a bucket of popcorn and some Q&A after the movie.

Live-recording in the books

Friends, yesterday was a special day for us: After almost an entire year of planning and two last-minute cancellations beyond our control, we were finally able to record a live performance of 'Memoirs in Monochrome' at the beautiful rocknpopmuseum in Gronau. Played in one go, everything was shot by way too many cameras thanks to the brilliant people at butchersandduchess. MiM turns 5 years old to the day today and we are grateful for all the support we have experienced along the way. Although mixing, cutting, mastering etc is going to take a little while, we'll make sure to keep you updated on whatever will come of this. It was incredibly enjoyable to rearrange and re-record the music in our current line-up and we can't wait to share it with you.

Soon: The Gronau Variations

This time next week, we'll be on our way to the rocknpopmuseum in Gronau. These wonderful people are graciously hosting a very special venture we have been planning for quite a while now: For the first and probably only time ever, we will record and film a one-take, full-length rendition of 'Memoirs in Monochrome'. On what's doomed to be called 'The Gronau Variations', you will hear the most recent variations of the music - we have added Alex on Sax, lost some guitar tracks, and maybe re-arranged some bits here and there. We plan on releasing the full audio and video later this year, but expect to hear and see first impressions soon. We'd like to note that this is not another Covid escape plan - although we'd love to get back on stage again, this project is close to our hearts and we always wanted to do it exactly this way. Preparing the whole thing has been so much fun and we look forward to finally recording all of it. We'll be in touch shortly - let's hope this works 🙂

3D-Rehearsal Video '30 Doradus'

Due to the ongoing pandemic clusterf*ck, we now had to postpone the recording of our MiM live performance twice. 'The Gronau Variations' are going to happen later this spring and we are currently scheduling the third attempt. In the meantime, please enjoy a snippet from '30 Doradus' filmed at one of our last rehearsals. Have a great weekend and talk to you soon!


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Ysma is an instrumental progressive rock band from Münster, Germany. Founded in 2009, the quintet combines atmospheric elements and progressive rock/metal influences, always focussing on the ambience of a song as well as unconventional rhythms and parts out of the ordinary. After gaining reputation as an energetic live band, Ysma released their first record entitled “Vagrant“ in April 2013. The 12-track album covered the band's diverse spectrum from purely acoustic pieces to heavier prog influenced by Rush or Opeth. The band's acoustic premiere took place in October of 2013, performing their material unplugged, re-arranged specifically for this occasion. Recordings of this evening were subsequently released in form of an acoustic live EP „Carrots and Candles“ in January, 2014. Other memorable live experiences include opening the stage for Norwegian prog metal band Leprous in November of 2013 and the band's appearance at Krach am Bach festival in August, 2014 (alongside Monkey3, Blood Red Shoes, Kamchatka and more).

In the fall of 2014, Ysma presented their sophomore studio record „Fourth Wall“. Once again recorded, mixed and mastered by the band themselves, „Fourth Wall“ showed the facets of Ysma's sound and songwriting more clearly than ever: somewhere between jazzy arrangements, acoustic interludes and the edged quality of modern progressive metal, the band delivered thought-provoking instrumentals with a character of their own.

In May 2017, the band released their third full-length output with the concept album "Memoirs in Monochrome". The record features seven new songs including the longtracks "30 Doradus", "The Glassblower", and "Implosions".

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